We are absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to work with you!

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Who We Are:

We care about your sales as much as you do. Our business is truly run like a family and we treat our clients like family too. If you buy too much of the wrong item, we’ll stop you and tell you to spend your money where it might be more fruitful.

If you buy too little when you should be buying more, we’ll ask you to buy more so you can take advantage of a season/lifestyle of a product. We are not interested in selling you items that aren't a fit for your store. After all, we want you to be lifetime clients.

History and What We Will Do For You:

What has excited us is that we've learned that we're in the business of helping you create the most beautiful and desirable toy environments that deliver unbelievable amounts of happiness to your clients.

Our JVG Toy Superstars don't physically do this for you, but when you display our products at your store or at a convention, we envision lines of customers waiting to buy from you, and droves of clients dreaming to one day hold those products in their hands. Nothing makes us happier than to one day hear you say that your "Sales have absolutely erupted!"

We believe that if we help you build your business, you will help us build ours.

Advantages of working with JVG Inc.:

  • We import items from Asia first, then you buy them from us without having to deal with overseas vendors, wire payments, fluctuation exchange rates, customs, trucking companies, etc. - Focus on what you do best!
  • We provide a robust catalog of over 1000+ SKU's in PDF / Excel Format (With Tier Pricing) - Save time by knowing your discounts up front!
  • We ship DIRECTLY to convention halls and storage locations - Don't carry it yourself if you don't have to!
  • We ship fairly quickly, once you give us your order, we typically get back to you with either a tracking number or quotation within 48 hours - Receive products and sell products quicker than ever!
  • We provide you unprecedented access to a constant influx of new and desirable products from Japan, every single month - Leave competitors in the dust!
  • And much more...

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How to Open An Account:

1. Open An Account Now! - Click Here For Our Submission Form

2. Please fax (626-281-6182) or email (via PDF) a valid copy of your reseller's permit/license.

3. Placing an order is even easier! Simply email us back the pricelist with attatched quantities, fax us your order, or simply email us with what you want, and we'll respond with wholesale pricing and shipping estimates! Average lead time is 1-2 business days, we do our best to help you get your items on time!